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Professional Advice


Close the eyes and spray generously onto the face, neck and décolleté. Use morning and evening after thorough cleansing. Allow to dry or help it absorb by tapping gently with fingertips.


When applied every morning before beauty routines, it protects the skin from harmful environmental factors and delivers a touch of radiance to a dull complexion.

Used as an alternative to a toner, it gently removes impurities while restoring the protective barrier and moisturising the skin. 

When sprayed onto neck and décolleté or applied to the hands, it nourishes, brightens and regenerates the skin.

To freshen make-up and deliver a glow, lightly spray over make-up.

If applied in the evening after cleansing, the antioxidants in the formulation help rebalance the skin barrier affected by the stresses of the day.

Suitable for all, to restore pH balance and nourish the skin.

After showering or physical activity it helps rebalance the pH, instantly delivering nourishment to skin.

When in flight it helps restore hydration levels